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About Us

The spirit of Import Music Group.

Import Music Group is a group of companies dedicated to the importation and distribution of musical instruments and professional audio.

The group started operations 40 years ago and we do so now in several regions of Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Through the leadership of Alfredo Campanelli, founder and creator of this musical universe, we offer musicians in these regions the opportunity to have access to quality instruments at the most affordable possible prices.

Our headquarters are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is as well our largest operations center. We also have physical offices in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Brazil, and warehouses in Miami, USA.

At Import Music we offer our clients an atmosphere of trust and seriousness in our work, as well as ease when it comes to carrying out any commercial operation. Transparency and dedication are fundamental values we have incorporated since our inception.

We are open to change, and we adapt to new times, following the ethical guidelines that characterize us.

For years, we have worked with the most important brands of musical instruments in the history of music.

International fairs, instrument clinics, musical education, caring for the network of dealers and sound commercial practice are part of our history, and we are proud to continue with this wonderful company that has done so much for the music industry.

Finally, to tell you we have a wonderful team of collaborators committed to offering an excellent service to our community, who day by day give their best to keep the music going.


The Import Music team.